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Losing a loved one is an endless pain

Losing a loved one is an endless pain

March 13, 2023

Some people go through complex grief and are overwhelmed by feelings of loss and don’t get better even with time. Sometimes it’s called complex and permanent loss disorder. In complex grief, the painful feelings are long-term and intense, and it is difficult to recover from the loss and move on with life.

Symptoms of complex sadness:-

1- Extreme grief, pain, and thoughts of losing loved ones.

2- Bitterness about your loss.

3- Inability to enjoy life or think of positive experiences.

4- Feeling that life has no meaning or purpose.

5- Intense desire to remind loved ones or excessive avoidance of reminders.

6- Intense and continuous longing for the deceased.

7- Problems accepting death.

8- Distrust of others.

9- Separation or numbness.

The negative effects of complex grief for losing a loved one:-

1- Isolation from others and withdrawal from social activities.

2- Feelings of deep sadness, depression, guilt, or self-blame.

3- Feeling that life is not worth living without loved ones.

4- Difficulty carrying out normal routines.

The impact of the pain of loss on the physical, psychological, and social condition:-

1- Suicidal thoughts or behavior.

2- Significant sleep disturbances.

3- Addiction to alcohol, drugs, or nicotine.

4- Increased risk of a physical illness, such as heart disease or high blood pressure.

5- Anxiety, including post-traumatic stress disorder.

6- Significant sleep disturbances.

7- Depression.

How to recover from the pain of losing a loved one:-

1- Write if you are the secretive type and do not like to share your grief with others. Write down your memories with him and your feelings after losing him. This helps you control your sadness and feelings.

2- Spend time meditating and walking in public gardens, it helps you change your mood.

3- Release the negative energy inside you by practicing some activities, such as long-distance running, swimming, playing basketball, and others.

4- Adhere to the obligatory duties, perform the prayer on time, and more than read the Qur’an and Seurat Al-Baqarah, this will help you get out of the cycle of depression.

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