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Al-Sanabel Pharmacy​

Al-Sanabel Pharmacy

Al Sanabel Pharmacy welcomes you and takes care of your health. Because your safety is our top priority, the pharmacy doctor will assist you all the way. After your doctor prescribes a prescription our pharmacist will make sure to serve you in the best way. First, make sure to dispense the right medicine either with the right amount and dose. The doctor will make sure to tell you how to take medication and when. As you know any drug has a side effect which is (an undesirable effect) it happens because every human body reacts differently to the medicine. So the pharmacist will explain that and how to avoid it or even minimized it. Al Sanabel Pharmacy has (over-the-counter) drugs such as painkillers, toothbrushes, etc. These kinds of medications you can purchase with no prescription, and the pharmacist can help to choose which type will suit you the best. And on the other hand, there is a medication that have a strong effect on the human body like antibiotics for example. This medication needs a doctor’s prescription to make sure your health is safe. If you have any questions of any kind, our specialist pharmacist will be more than happy to answer all your concerns.
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