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Al-Sanabel Specialized Psychiatric Center


Al-Sanabel Specialized Psychiatric Center

Dr.Sanabel,Psychiatrist doctor,

Led by Dr. Sanabel Akef Al-Akras who graduated from Weill Cornell Medical College USA university / Qatar Branch). She had then successfully finished her specialization in Psychiatry from Hamad Medical Corporation and obtained her Arab Board specialization of Psychiatry. She had gained multiple years of experience at Hamad General Hospital in the State of Qatar.

Our ultimate aim at Al Sanabel Center is to provide our visitors with a comfy, reliable, and totally private and confidential environment where they can experience relief as soon as they step in from the door.  We hope that the Al-Sanabel team will be a calm escape from the noisy fast life outside and the tender helping hand to bring hope again into the suffering souls and enable them to restore and rebuild their lives.

At Al Sanabel, we provide serenity through our stunning internal garden and themed clinics to spend some time meditating, reading, enjoying, and restoring spirit harmony after a full long stressful day.


Male & Female Doctors

Private and Confidential Environment

Internal Garden and Themed Clinics

A Full Psychiatric Team With Different Expertise

Al-Sanabel center reception

Our Scope

Unfortunately, We do not receive addiction cases yet because of the lack of expertise and resources to treat such cases at the moment.

Psychometric Tests Available

Personality Analysis Tests

Disorders scales

Such as anxiety, depression and others.

IQ Test

Memory Test

We welcome all ages for treatment children, adults and elderly. 

We operate throughout the day until 9 pm. 

We provide consultations, treatments, counselling, preventive measures and Training /coaching sessions as well.

Home visits are available as well with pre-booking.  

Other special services and surprises are provided and left for you to explore once you visit us

AL-Sanabel Center provides (TMS) services in Doha, Qatar

Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS) is a non invasive form of brain stimulation in which a changing magnetic field is used to cause electric current at a specific area of the brain through electromagnetic induction.

TMS services in Doha,
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