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Autism and its effect on the child

Autism and its effect on the child

March 15, 2023

Autism and its effect on the child is a condition associated with brain development that affects how a person perceives and interacts with others on a social level, causing problems with social interaction and communication.

Causes of autism:-

1-The genetic factor has an effective role in the incidence of autism, especially when a family member had autism before.

2-Muscular dystrophy is one of the genetic diseases that cause autism.

3-The presence of complications during the mother’s pregnancy that cause an autistic child.

4-Lack of oxygen during childbirth causes autism.

5-Children get autism as a result of genetic disorders.

6-Exposure to viral infections.

7-The birth of the baby with a weight less than normal.

Symptoms of autism:-

1 The child with autism noticeably avoids playing with children.

2-Performing some incomprehensible movements that may cause harm to the child, such as banging the head.

3-The child’s inability to express his feelings towards others.

4-The child becomes aggressive towards other children.

5-Inability to make eye contact quickly.

6-Excessive sensitivity to light, sound, and touch.

7- The child does not respond when called by his name.

8-Delay in speaking about other children.

9- Pronunciation of words repeatedly when speaking.

10- Stick to the routine, and when any change occurs, the child will have severe tantrums.

11- The child does not eat all food items and prefers to eat certain items and does not want to change them.

Treating autism:-

1- Family therapy:-Developing family skills on how to deal with an autistic child, which helps to stimulate behavioral, social, and daily skills.

2- Behavioral therapy:- Follow programs that help develop language and behavioral skills, and increase his ability to communicate with others.

3- Educational therapy:-Educational therapy should be used by specialists, which includes integrating the child into a range of activities that helping to increase social communication skills.

4- Pharmacotherapy:- The doctor prescribes the types of drug treatment appropriate to the condition of the child with autism, which may include anti-anxiety and anti-psychotic drugs.

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