Best Psychologists for Depression and mental health in Doha, Qatar

In the twenty-first century, we have become the most modern humans in the world. We have developed many things that help us live a better life. Some of these things include communication and transportation systems. However, there are some things in our society that are not very helpful, such as the marketing system. The marketing system is targeting the kids and making them addicted to certain items, such as food or toys. People in developed countries have become very critical and analytical. They have become more sensible and responsible in their actions. We need to apply these ideas to our mental health issues.
There are several mental health issues that we should pay attention to as a society. One of these issues is depression; it is the biggest mental health problem in today’s society. People now experience depression as much as they do food allergies. Depression has developed into a serious health condition; it affects people’s daily lives and can kill people. Doctors now have powerful medications that can treat and cure people from depression. However, there are not enough psychologists and psychiatrists to treat people with depression. We need to increase awareness about this issue so that people know where to go if they experience depression.
Another problem with mental health is that many people don’t know they’re mentally ill at all. There are many kinds of psychological issues- ranging from anxiety to schizophrenia- that have not received enough awareness yet. People suffering from these issues keep secretive about their condition due to shame. They don’t want others to know they’re mentally ill; this leads them to act violently towards others when they’re troubled by their condition. We need to increase awareness about mental health issues so that people know where to go if they’re suffering from psychological problems.
The last problem with mental health is getting rid of personal responsibility. Many people blame technology for failing at life rather than themselves. They think technology caused all their problems in life rather than taking responsibility for their actions. Technology killed Ford’s driver when he was driving his car at high speeds one day many years ago. No one drives cars at high speeds anymore because of how dangerous it is. A similar thing happens with technology when people fail to follow safety protocols. Technology is not responsible for our bad actions; we are simply using it incorrectly or abusing it when used correctly.
We need to increase awareness about mental health issues so that people know where to go if they’re experiencing depression, psychological problems or bad judgment in life. People need to be more open about their psychological conditions so we can help them through those issues easier. Most of all, we need to stop blaming technology when people misuse it – instead, we need to take responsibility for our actions when using technology wrongfully.