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Negative thoughts

Negative thoughts

March 12, 2023

Negative thinking includes negative beliefs that you may have about yourself or arise as a result of other people’s attitudes and behavior towards you, which affects your mood and psychological state.

Symptoms of negative thinking:-

1-Thinking about the past.
2-Weak discussion.
3-The many promises.
4-exaggerate problems.
5-The person’s lack of solutions.

The causes of negative thinking:-

Weak self-confidence and a sense of permanent helplessness.
If the personality of the individual is strong and he is confident in his abilities, the more positive thinking increases and the shaky and weak his personality is, the more negative his thoughts will be.

Ways to get rid of negative thoughts:-

1-Listen to music that makes you feel good.
2-Get rid of people who make you feel bad about yourself.
3-Be kind to yourself.
4-Talk to someone who cares about you.
5-Address yourself positively.
6-Get rid of people who make you feel bad about yourself.
7-Write your negative thoughts on a piece of paper and tear it up.
8- Do not allow others to attack you.
9-Change your body language.
10-Address yourself positively.
11-Take care of your body.
12-Try meditation.
13-Learn to say “no”.
14-Rest when you feel you need to.

This psychological phenomenon helps greatly in understanding why it is so difficult to overcome bad first impressions and why we suffer from the long-term effects of past psychological traumas. We make decisions based on negative information more than positive data, to the extent that neuroscientists say it is imprinted in our neurons.

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