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March 11, 2023

Obesity is a complex disease that causes health problems. It is not just a negative effect on the aesthetic appearance of the body. It increases the risk factors for other diseases such as heart disease, diabetes, and high blood pressure.

Causes of rapid weight gain:-

1. Water retention
Eating foods that contain salts causes water retention in the body
2. Malnutrition
Eating small amounts of food without balance causes a deficiency in essential nutrients, which negatively affects the metabolism in the body, therefore, a balanced diet must be followed
3. Take some medication
Some medications have side effects that lead to weight gain, so it is preferable to consult a doctor
4. Extreme stress
Lack of sleep and severe stress causes an increase in the level of cortisone hormone in the body, which leads to rapid weight gain and the desire to eat more sugars.
5. Eating unhealthy food
Eating fats, fried foods, and sugars causes’ rapid weight gain, even in small quantities Therefore, please follow a healthy diet in proportionate quantities
6. Eating at night
Eating food at night leads to weight gain, due to the weak rate of burning during this period
7. Hypothyroidism
The lack of thyroid hormones affects the metabolism process in the body, which negatively affects the fat-burning process, so thyroid patients suffer from rapid weight gain.

Methods of preventing rapid weight gain:-

1. Go to bed early
Sleeping early helps in improving the burning process and regulating the hormones responsible for body metabolism.
2. Do not eat too much salt and sugar
Salt causes fluid retention in the body, and sugars negatively affect the metabolism process therefore, it is preferable to avoid both
3 exercise
Exercising helps in the process of burning and losing weight in a healthy way
4. Drink more water
Drinking water enhances the feeling of fullness and helps in the metabolism process and rids the body of toxins
5. Follow a healthy diet
Eating healthy foods in proportional quantities and avoiding fatty foods

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